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Maro // He / It // 25+ // Queer.

Illustration / Comics

World Building / Character Design

Maro Tovara is a freelance artist based in Germany.

His main focus in art lies in comics, with 10+ years in experience.


He is learned and trained in graphical design and has been studying illustration for 3+ years. He’s looking to get his certified diploma by the end of September 2022.


Maro Tovara is an artist alias.

Open for freelance work after October 2022.

I do not support NFTs or AI art in any way shape or form. My work may not be used, associated with or transformed to be used as an NFT or in AI generators.

My Works


After being sent off to a far away school, Shin meets someone from his long forgotten past. Not remembering anything after his accident, Shin is now trying to figure out what shady business he's gotten himself into years ago...

(Mystery, Drama, LGBTQ+)

Kichu'na Cover

Old Works


Magistra [Reworking]

I cannot say much for this is in the reworks.

But I still have 7ish chapters of this online, if you wish to check it out, click the cover above!

The back of the book reads:

"The only good thing her 'dad' has ever given Himeka, is this dragon that magically appeared in her school one day. Without knowing that it would bring much more trouble then she would have guessed."

"At least this makes the school more interesting" - Himeka Monasaka


Renovatio [HIATUS]

[Mainly animal story]

In a world where Black-Stars and White-Stars are doomed in an eternal fight against each other, the daughter of the current Black-Star King begins the quest to find the only ones that can help, the Rainbow-Stars. Little did she know that the ones she would meet would throw her whole plan for a loop.

[LGBTQ+(you bet), Fantasy, Adventure, Found Family]

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