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To start uploading my lil' snippets I have written I start with the Death only one first! hehe.

It was inspired by another fanfic I glanced over where Death was dreaming and sleeping and I had my own kind of idea about it~ >:3c

This one is about Death being frustrated and very upset about his new obsession... >:3c


Deaths Frustrations

Awoken in the middle of twilight, Death rested on some comfortable mossy stones in the middle of limbo.

He grunts, massages his nose bridge and gets himself to sit up.

“A dream about Puss in Boots? Are you serious…” he mutters to himself.

The images of Puss gloating about his heroic life and what a great hero he is right before his death are mixing with the fading images of Puss being so close he could almost grab him. He stares at his empty paw and clenches it with the feeling of anger starting to boil in his stomach.

A flickering image of wide green eyes stuck with him throughout the day. An annoyance to him as it kept distracting him from doing his job.

One misstep as he walked towards the next accident to collect a soul. A little kid was supposed to save his grandma from being taken by a carriage passing by, but the distracted Wolf bumped into said kid and turned his eyes away at the wrong moment.

As Death realizes his mistake and saw the grandma die instead, it all poured right out of him. With a loud bark he threw his sickle with a force that almost destroyed the entire carriage. Not being able to hold back his swearing, he barks and growls for a straight 5 minutes. Pulling at his hood and in his final seconds before he calms down he puts his hands over his eyes and sighs.

The people around him thankfully being too distraught with the death of a person and the fact that Death isn’t that noticeable for mortals anyway, helped a lot with nobody noticing his little meltdown in the middle of the street.

He takes a deep breath before he steps towards the kid crying about hit grandma. He softly puts his paw on the little boys shoulder and softly smiles at him.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be taken care of now, she’ll be in good hands.”

He stands back up and takes the hand of the grannies soul, invisible to any mortal, and they both fade away.

On the boat to take the grandma to her destined place, Death can’t help but grumble and mutter to himself. The granny notices that as he sighs loudly and stares into his empty paw again and closes it with disappointment this time.

“What got you so troubled, my boy?” The granny asks with a kind smile on her face.

Death looks at her but doesn’t reply. He then pulls up his hood and turns away from her. “Oh, you can tell me, this old granny doesn’t have much time left anyway.”

Without turning around his gaze wanders as he thinks. “Someone’s been distracting me for some time now…” he speaks softly but the cold and motionless water around them carries the words to her easily.

“Oh? How so, dear?” The endearing words of the granny make him open up just a little, he turns to her. “They’ve been on my mind ever since I woke up. It’s distracting.”

The grandma perks up and covers her mouth with her hand. “Oh my!” She exclaims. “Are you in love by any chance, my dear boy?” He flinches at the words.

“In love?” Confused he turns around. He’s an immortal being, he shouldn’t be capable of such feelings. And even if he would be, the amount of anger that boils up at times, that is clearly not love.

“Well, you say you’ve been thinking about them since you woke up. Clearly if they’re on your mind all day, they have to mean a lot to you, don’t you think?”

While she talked Death slowly moved towards her and sat down next to her. “I do not feel any compassion, ,granny. This one just makes me irrationally angry.” He keeps his head high.

The old lady chuckles. “Are you angry that they’re on your mind all day?”

The wolf blinks and looks at her wondering if she understood what he said and surprised that what she said… could make sense.

“sometimes, when you like someone a lot, they keep being in your mind and they can distract you from what you’re supposed to do, so of course that can be annoying to some. But my young one, I think you like them a lot.”

With wide eyes the wolf listens to her, unmoving he turns his ears back as the lady moves her hand to pet his head.

“But my, my, you’re a handsome little lad, aren’t you?” With her kind smile and words Death endures the pats as they are close to arrive. Holding his tail down as soon as he notices that it’s in motion.

>>Absolutely no way. She means well but this is far more complicated then her mortal brain can comprehend.<< he angrily thinks to himself.

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