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Another one inspired by a retrospring question ; w ;

this idea was just way to adorable I had to,,,



A slight twitch tugs at his arm and sends him to the plane of the living again, or as it’d be for death, he woke up.

His eyes feel strained as he stems himself up, his paw wandering through his face to give him some clarity.

Sleeping? Why the hell would he need to– A certain sweet smell hits his nose and his eyes widen when another bump against his arm gets his attention.

Puss in boots is why.

Who else would get him to do such a silly mortal thing. He rolls his eyes with a quiet groan.

The cat next to him twitches and rolls from side to side and the smell is making it even more obvious. He’s having a nightmare.

The smell of fear woke him up and rattled his senses in a way he didn't expect. He watches Puss writhe on the bed and a smile unconsciously starts to curl in the corners of his mouth.

What a sight to behold, he thinks to himself. A scared Puss was one thing, a sleeping one another, but both? He chuckles in delight and watches puss flinch seemingly in response. Curious, he propped himself up on his arm after he leaned back, his eyes never leaving Puss.

He hovers his paw over Puss as if wanting to play with him, moving it in rhythm with his twitching. Quiet mumbling starts to become audible as Puss grasps his own chest in pain. “N...No… No, there is still time. I-I can’t…” Death starts to listen intently. “Not yet, m-my last…” The wolfs eyes widen as he realises what Puss is dreaming about.

It’s him.

He’s dreaming about him. Puss is seeing him in his dreams!

A dream about facing him, making him as scared as he’s always been… back then. Sudden excitement begins to beat in Deaths chest and he slowly and softly places his paw next to Puss, so to not wake him up. Now hovering with his torso over puss he can’t hold back his excitement.

“Even in your dreams, you’re not safe from me, my little Puss…” His voice is nothing but a soft husk, he’s trying his best not to wake him up, but the excited wag of his tail and the entrancing smell make it so hard for him to resist.

Puss starts to turn again, first right, then left. --! He reached out his paw while turning, accidentally landing on Deaths paw and he stops there, grasping one of the wolfs fingers tightly. Completely taken aback Death watches as Puss pulls himself closer towards Deaths paw. His shivering whimper slowly started to fade as Puss unconsciously started to feel Deaths warmth and fur on his. With his head raised and a confused frown spreading on his face, Death slowly tried to move his grabbed paw. But as he moves it up from the bed Puss only grabs onto it tighter, fully embracing it now as Deaths fingers slightly hug him back.

Looking up as if he’s rolling his eyes with his whole head Death sighs with frustrated disappointment and falls to the side, laying back down on the bed. He looks back to puss with a frown and watches as his own hand lays on the cat like a blanket, seemingly giving him comfort. A slight twitch in his tightly held fingers before he tries to pet puss as best he can.

A deep purr starts to slowly emanate from Puss’s chest and the wolfs frown increases when his own tail subconsciously starts to wag again.

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