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Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Path of Determination

Undertale fan character!

Here is a collection of short mini comics I did for their blog!

(Date - Jan & Apr 2016)

A little bit of background to this:

Opificio (name of a font) was a skeleton fancharacter back in the day! (His name is now Pious and he's a very cute oc of mine now!)

He had an INTENSE amount of lore connected to Gaster, Frogits (if that's what they're called again...), sand and papyrus, all that jazz!

If you're interested on more of his lore I'll write a little extra at the end of this post! <3


More about Opificios lore:

I have kept most of it in my current headworlds lore for them.

But what I took from Gasters interpretation, over to this fanwork is:

Gaster was head scientist for the work they did on Determination, or rather, he did that secretly behind monsters backs!

Gaster stole a (/or achieved) a humanoid skeleton. One of those tiny ones, laying in the basement...

He started experimenting with determination around the skeleton and one fateful day/night while Gaster wasn't present, a tiny Froggit walked into the room of the skeleton...

Through the determination they fused together into a weird amalgamation (u know like the many dogs) , that is now known as Opificio!

Gaster not really cared for him since he was more distracted with his own family (sans and papyrus), he merely treated Pifi as an experiment so he wouldn't have to experiment with determination on himself. Not good days for Pifi....

After the lab collapsed (def gasters fault) Opificio was found somewhere in snowdin after a... long while... what happened and how he got there and especially why it was YEARS after the lab collapsed? We don't know!

That was what his blog was about! It was about discovering his past and where he came from, with gaster always lurking behind him, weirdly protective over his experiment... maybe he grew an attachment to it?

and since I'm not active anymore in the undertale fandom (sadly) I did what I always do. Turn them into my own headworlds characters. Take their lore and make it work in my world!

So now they have the steps still there but now somehow Sans (Charles) got also strongly involved and what actually happened in the science lab? Is it determination, a substitution or is it something completely different? We don't know!

(oh but wait... I know ;> but that's spoilers. Hehe )

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