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This one is a bit shorter~ but they're all a bit short hehe

Got the idea from one of my retrospring questions and I just HAD to write it down bc it's so adorable >w<


Puss’s new Blanket

He doesn’t like it.

He stares.

He just really isn’t a fan.

He jokingly told the wolf he’d ‘Keep An Eye’ on it, but he just doesn’t like having it around. So he tells himself.

Time doesn’t seem to pass as he stares at the black poncho laying on top of the bed, a few feet from him, but he also can’t manage to take his eyes away from it.

He grumbles and mumbles to himself about that stupid dog just leaving things as he pleases.

But soon the curiosity takes him and he slides of the comfy chair he’s been sitting on slowly sneaking towards the huge piece of cloth on the bed.

Hovering his head just at the edge of the bed he frowns and catches a small whiff of it’s smell, he flinches back. “Ough. Just what is this guy thinking?” He starts to gesture at it. “He just leaves his stinky sweat-catcher on my bed?! Does he have no decency?!” He hisses, paws at it and moves back down to hover over the edge.

His eyes widen and he ducks down followed by a big leap onto the bed and the poncho. He stands on it with all fours for a moments, back arched, tail straight up. He looks at it suspiciously. Pauses. And as soon as the smell hit’s his nose again he lets himself fall and roll onto it.

Rolling left, rolling right then he lands on his belly and starts to knead his paws into it. A slow but deep purr starts to emanate out of his chest and he starts to rub his cheek against it.

After he stays and lays in the moment his eyes jolt open wide.

His back arcs in shock and he jumps off of the bed in an instant. He lands on his hind legs and starts hissing loudly. “What?! Am I crazy?! What am I doing, laying on this… soft… cotton… piece of cloth?!” He brushes and dusts off his fur.

He looks at it one more time before he bares his claws, digs it deep into the thick cloth of the poncho to pull it off the bed.

It rests in his paws for a moment.

He lets out a loud grumbly sigh.

And then drags it into the bed with him as he lays down to sleep. Most of the poncho is dangling off the bed and only the hood is pulled directly to puss and cuddled tightly.

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