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Scott Whellham [Scotty]


??? [Died at 32]


185 cm


None [Male]




He / Him


Were being -> Mongoose [+???]

Small summary:

Everyone has that one cliche death char (right??) so heres mine

He is the literal personification of death, so there is not much to his character, he's always very cold, cynical and distant.

His past self is able to take over the body where he then becomes and acts much more human then. He's also only able to turn into his animal form with his old soul taking over.


  • He doesn't talk. Not even sign language (even tho gestures that may seem like sign language are the closest he'll get to it.)

  • He's an amalgamation of hundreds of peoples fear of death (like the old traditional Grim reaper look)

  • The only human behaviours he has picked up stem from the imagination of how people interpret the grim reaper. (so interpret away as you like!! : ) )

  • He's, unlike others, a natural possessed one. Meaning the original body had the very unfortunate luck to meet the amalgamation in the wild and got possessed while he was half dead. Resulting in this absolute mess.

  • It only wears clothes from the time it was brought into creation. So old old clothes or newer ones made to look like old fashion (his hat tho, since the old spirit takes control over that, can appear differently from time to time, with more accessories, bows, etc)

  • This character is more of a THING inside of a body, but he will absolutely not tolerate you if you use It pronouns for him. He thinks it's a disgrace and showing absolutely no respect. [Tho imo... this thing is an IT lmao]



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